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The adventure started when I was 12 years old... I began playing the electric guitar and some years later with the piano, and I could say I am 100% self-taught. I wanted to record my own music, so I looked for some DAWs. I started producing with FL Studio and I still use it as the main production DAW, but I also use Logic and Ableton, depending on what I need. So, I could consider myself as a self-taught guitarist, pianist, DJ, music composer, producer and beatmaker.

I started producing Deep House, Tropical House and Melodic House remixing tracks in 2015 like «The 1975 - Chocolate» with more than 50k plays and «Kaleo - All The Pretty Girls» with almost 100k plays on Soundcloud. I had a turning point in my life and I changed my music style and opened my mind. I released my «Henry Green - Do You Know» remix and I played with Downtempo, Future Garage, Chillstep and kind of dark and ambiental genres. In 2017, my first single «I Wanna Go Back» was released with Insight Music UK, with a special videoclip shot by Mucho Caviar (spanish filmmaker and graffiti artist). My latest single «Cloudwalker» was also released with Insight Music, being supported by renowned Youtube channels like DYNMK and Eeuphonious.

I couldn't be producing the same kind of music my whole life so in 2017 I came back with my old summer vibes and released my «Autograf ft. Lils - You Might Be» remix for the WAVO, Atlantic Records and Big Beat Records competition.

My biggest project in 2017 was "Call Your Name", my first international collaboration with Eikona. The track was part of "Saorsa", Insight's 2017 Compilation Album, which includes artists like Enzalla, Phelian, Vacant... NestHQ wrote about it.

On the other hand, I also produce music for other people and I have worked for some Hip-Hop spanish artists, reaching 2 million plays on Spotify with Beltrán, Skone and more renowned artists I am currently working with.

On this journey, I have been supported by many people: Aux London; Sensual Musique; Audio Vacation; The Swinging Turtle; Nothing, nowhere; DYNMK; Eeuphonious... and I have found really talented artists and friends like All Music Spain, D3llano, Dylerz, EDM Spain, Jake Martins, SUPRMODE (Garabatto, Kuaigon, Mike Wit, PMP), Texture, The Lost Beat, Tremille and a lot more.


For all inquiries, please send an e-mail to: naremusic@outlook.com